Raised in Australia's southern most state of Tasmania, Mikhail Hofmann (M.Hofmann, by trade) grew up on a simple musical diet; Elvis and 90s AM Radio.

It wasn't until his early teens, that Hofmann first picked up a guitar, which would become a daily ritual. He then tried his hand in various bands over the years, moving around before arriving in Sydney. Meanwhile, a private therapeutic songwriting habit helped keep a steady stream of creativity and experimentation throughout his teens and twenties, until the decision to strike out on his own became a clear one.

Now with three singles under his belt (You Don't Have To Stay, Not There Yet, Dead and Gone), Hofmann's sound blends Heartland Rock, Americana, and Indie Rock, with synthesisers, 12 string guitars and rhythmic acoustics laying the foundation for self reflecting lyrics. These songs give us a glimpse into what to expect from Hofmann's debut album that he is currently working on.







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