Pre-Save my new single 'Feel The Fire'

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Tasmanian-born, Sydney-based singer/songwriter M. Hofmann is ready to take 2021 head on. After a fruitful period of writing and releasing three singles in early 2020; Hofmann found himself in an incredibly fortunate position during the global pandemic, and sought to use the down time to record his work. Meeting up with fellow collaborators Tim McArtney and Charlie Finn on production duties, the trio played the majority of the songs live, seeking to capture a certain energy, layering tracks later as necessary. The result of those recordings is his full length release, 'Lavender Sleeping'; an album peppered with nostalgia and self reflection. Hofmann's songs focus on themes of relationships, grief, and the rippling effects of mental health, all set to a classic Heartland Rock/Americana soundscape; where 80s guitar tones blend with synthesisers and organs, and a harmonica can be heard echo-ing in the distance.

Hofmann now launches his lead single from the album, titled 'Feel The Fire'. An upbeat rocker that plays like something Bryan Adams and John Squire may have shared guitar duties on. 'Feel The Fire' speaks of a person who is experiencing a shift in their world views, and is questioning what they once thought was true.

'Feel The Fire' releases digitally on March 19.







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